RStudio is becoming Posit

To posit means to put forth an idea for discussion. Data scientists spend much of their day positing hypotheses that they then evaluate with data.

Our name may be changing, but our commitment to helping data scientists use open source software to ask and answer important questions remains the same.

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A broader focus

We are embracing multi-lingual data science, creating open source and commercial software for R, Python, and beyond. We want to make scientific communication better for everyone.

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A larger community

The R community is a special place. We want to help more parts of science become as open, dynamic, inclusive, and diverse as the community we belong to.

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A commitment to open source

Your work should never be held captive by a single vendor. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we guarantee that you can build on an open foundation.

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Turning tough questions into meaningful impact

“Our goal is to help data scientists ask and answer the most important questions in the world—to further the scientific inquiry and knowledge that humankind cares deeply about.” Watch Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist, explain the vision of Posit.

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We have a lot more to share than just a new name

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