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September 17th - September 20th
Workshops 2 Days | Conference 2 Days

Join us this week in Chicago or virtually to connect, learn, and celebrate the success of our data science community at the very first posit::conf–formerly rstudio::conf! This year we are expanding more learning and collaboration opportunities with the Python community in an effort to bring together R and Python users.

Whether you’re a dedicated open source user or one of the many individuals and teams who use Posit professional products, join us in-person or virtually to sharpen your skills and meet your fellow data scientists. We have an exciting and inspiring schedule of workshops, keynote speakers, community activities, and ample opportunities to learn from each other.



Grow your skills and expand your network

"It’s been really cool to see people from other industries and what they’re capable of and what they’ve been doing. Being able to learn that and take it back to where we’ve come from is very valuable."

Ethan Meldrum

Y2 Analytics

2023 Keynotes

Elaine McVey

Senior Director of Analytics at Chief

Elaine McVey is the Senior Director of Analytics at Chief, a private network for female executives. She has spent the last decade establishing data teams at a series of startups in wildly different industries at TransLoc (transit software), The Looma Project (retail media), and Chief (social network). Prior to that, she spent a decade as a statistician and data scientist in medtech R&D. The constant throughout her career has been the R ecosystem and community. She cares deeply about helping data teams have an outsized impact while powering through common organizational challenges. While not pursuing data adventures, she enjoys outdoor adventures by mountain bike, snowboard, or running shoes, and parenting adventures with her tween/teen sons.

David Meza

Branch Chief, People Analytics and Head of Analytics for the NASA’s Office of Human Capital

David Meza previously served as Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). During his tenure at NASA, he has worked in all aspects of the Information Technology field developing and deploying several IT systems in use at JSC. His desire to improve IT processes and systems led him to earn a Master’s certificate in Project Management and Six Sigma in addition to becoming a NASA certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Mr. Meza is conducting research in People Analytics, Automatic Classification algorithms, entity tagging, topic modeling, data driven visualization and text to graph pipelines. He holds a Master’s in Engineering Management from the University of Houston Clear Lake where he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education.

Portrait of Kara Woo

Kara Woo

Senior Data Science Engineer at Insight RX

Kara Woo is a senior data science engineer at InsightRX where she develops software in R for precision medicine. She loves bringing order to messy data, derives twisted enjoyment from debugging CI pipelines, and takes it as a personal affirmation when testthat says "You rock!" Kara is involved in the R-Ladies and rOpenSci communities and shares her love of R through teaching and workshops.

Portrait of JD Long

JD Long

VP Risk Management, RenaissanceRe

JD Long has been an active user of open source analytical tools in industry for many years. His advocacy for open source started the first time he asked, in 2002, "surely there's open source software for doing a logistic regression, right?" Twenty years later he's packed a lot of financial services industry experience under his belt, including over 13 years in risk management at a global reinsurance firm. JD uses R, Python, JupyterLab, RStudio, a host of AWS tooling and many colorful metaphors.

Portrait of Jeremy Howard

Jeremy Howard

Founding Researcher at

Jeremy Howard is a renowned data scientist, entrepreneur, and deep learning researcher who is a founding researcher at, the popular R&D and teaching lab, and is Hon Professor in AI at the University of Queensland. Previously he built a number of successful startups, including as the founding CEO of Enlitic and founding President at Kaggle. He is the lead developer of a number of widely used open source libraries, including fastai, fastcore, nbdev, and ghapi.



For posit::conf(2023), we have an array of workshops that will feature hands-on exercises, discussions, and Q&A. You can meet, share and collaborate with other conference attendees with similar interests. This year, for the first time, we’re offering a mix of one and two-day workshops so that with your two-day workshop pass, you can choose to go deep into a single topic or spread your time across two topics.



Four conference tracks highlight the exciting work being done across the R, PyData, & Posit landscape in two jam-packed days. Hear from some of the most thoughtful practitioners and effective speakers in science, industry, and technology.

Registered attendees can access live-streams and on-demand recordings of the talks and keynotes, along with all virtual experience features like session Q&A, networking, chat, and more.


One of the best parts of posit::conf is the people you meet

Join us for Birds of a Feather and connect with others working in similar fields and on similar problems. See the groups, times and locations on the event app.
Honeycomb pattern of hexes randomly filled with illustrations of various colorful birds

"At our last conference, over 100 educators met up during lunch to connect and exchange ideas on teaching (with) R. One of my best memories of the conference is commiserating and reveling about our shared experiences. I look forward to doing the same next year in Chicago."

Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel

Education Birds of a Feather

Text: AfricaR; Dark gray circle graphic with an illustration of a bird over the outline of Africa
Text: Business Intelligence; A dark blue circle graphic with an illustration of a penguin presenting data on sharks and fish to an audience of penguins
Text: Community; Dark gray circle graphic with two illustrations of three birds sitting on wires
Text: Data Visualization; Light blue circle graphic with an illustration of a toucan perched on a branch
Text: Data For Good; Red circle graphic with an illustration of a bird placing hearts on a line graph
Text: Environmental; Dark gray circle graphic with an illustration of a parrot overlooking planet Earth
Text: Finance; Yellow circle graphic with an illustration of a bird with small glasses and a cap seated at a table stacked with coins
Text: Healthcare; A light green circle graphic with an illustration of a flamingo that is a doctor using a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat of a small yellow duck
Text: Insurance; Dark gray circle graphic with an illustration of a bird wearing glasses and holding a clipboard accessing the damage of a bird's nest
Text: Journalism; A yellow circle graphic with an illustration of a bird reporter with a ball cap, pen and notepad
Text: Life Science; Blue circle graphic with an illustration of a bird in a laboratory with lab gear and looking at beakers and test tubes with liquids in them
Text: Machine Learning; Dark gray circle graphic with an illustration of a geometric bird outlined with lines and dots resembling a network graph
Text: Natural Language Processing; Red circle graphic with an illustration of a red and gold Macaw
Text: Media; Yellow circle graphic with an illustration of a bird with a beret and clapperboard
Text: Package Dev; Blue circle graphic with an illustration of a bird flying while carrying a package with a hex shape
Text: Public Sector, Secret R Code; Blue circle graphic with an illustration of a bird dressed as a secret agent with a briefcase that says 'Secret R Code' with the 'e' scratched out
Text: R-latin America; Light green circle graphic with an illustration of a large, colorful South American bird sitting on a branch
Text: R-admins; Yellow circle graphic with an illustration of a bird standing on a robotic arm that is picking up an item off of a production line
Text: R-ladies; Blue circle graphic with an illustration of many seagulls flying together amidst the clouds
Text: Shiny; Red circle graphic with an illustration of a giant bird embracing a stack of gold bricks with various shiny gems and a pearl
Text: Spatial; Light green circle graphic with illustration of small bird wearing flight helmet and googles while holding a piece of mail and looking at a map
Text: Data science team leaders; Dark gray circle graphic with an illustration of a giant bird with a whistle and clipboard blowing the whistle at a group of three small running birds
Text: Supply Chain; Dark blue circle graphic with illustration of a bird wearing a shirt and ball cap while carrying a box
Text: Energy; Yellow circle graphic with an illustration of three birds sitting on a wire in front of a solar panel, wind turbine and clouds
Text: Sports Analytics; Red circle graphic with an illustration of a bird working out with dumbbells and kettlebell weights
Text: Retail; Blue circle graphic with an illustration of a stork pushing a shopping cart filled with shapes to represent products
Text: Transportation; Blue circle illustration of a bird with a baseball cap that has a hex logo on it
Text: Survival Analysis; Yellow circle graphic with an illustration of two birds, one of which appears to be a doctor with a lab coat and clipboard, the other a smaller bird
Text: Network Analysis; Light blue circle graphic with an illustration of a bird with glasses looking at a data model

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The virtual experience of our hybrid conference is a unique experience that brings together R and Python enthusiasts from different countries, industries, and backgrounds to meet, chat, and share in the excitement of posit::conf().

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Offering an energetic urban retreat near Navy Pier, Hyatt Regency Chicago features the most hotel rooms and largest selection of meeting space in downtown Chicago. A gateway to the city’s top attractions, you can walk to Millennium Park, or shop on Magnificent Mile.
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