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The open source you've always trusted

From the beginning we’ve invested in open-source software like the RStudio IDE, Shiny, and tidyverse. Because we believe in putting the power of data science tools in the hands of everyone.

Hadley Wickham

Embracing R and Python

"Posit is not about pivoting from R to Python. It's about broadening and embracing the Python community as well as the R community. "

Hadley Wickham

Chief Scientist, Posit

our products

For data scientists by data scientists

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Enterprise for professionals

Securely share data-science applications
across your team—and the enterprise.

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Open Source

Our code is your code. Build on it. Share it. Improve people’s lives with it.

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Cloud Solutions

Take the time and effort out of uploading, storing, accessing, and sharing your work.

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