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Posit (formerly RStudio) was named a Strong Performer

Posit was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™ and received the highest scores possible in the evaluation criteria for security, applications, open source, and platforms infrastructure.
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Posit (formerly RStudio) Named a Strong Performer

The Forrester Wave™: Notebook-Based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, Q3 2020 Report, has named Posit a Strong Performer, and given the highest scores possible in the evaluation criteria of security, apps, open source, and platform infrastructure.

Posit Team*(opens in a new tab) is our recommended solution for data science teams using R and Python, providing data analysis and data science development environments, as well as a way to share data science insights and applications with decision-makers. Posit Team includes Posit Workbench, Posit Package Manager, and Posit Connect. Posit Team offers convenience, simplicity, and savings to organizations using R and Python at scale.

If you’d like to learn more, book a meeting with our sales team(opens in a new tab). If you are a current client of the independent research firm Forrester, you can read the report on their website(opens in a new tab).

From the Report
  • The importance of open source data science, including R and Python, to give organizations access to the latest and greatest in machine learning algorithms and to help attract top data science talent.
  • How code-first data science platforms “…bring software development discipline to otherwise unruly data science processes, increasing productivity, boosting collaboration, and accelerating time-to-value.” These platforms also make “…individual data scientists dramatically more productive, especially by providing collaboration capabilities for teams.”
  • How “RStudio Team provides the core functionality for enterprise teams that primarily want to use R and Python to develop and deploy their models…at a rock-bottom price.”
  • That, “For any recently established teams, teams doing advanced data science, teams that aspire to do more machine learning, or teams with very small budgets for tools (and, of course, R and Python enthusiasts), RStudio is their best friend.”


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