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Simple, fair pricing for every individual, team, and enterprise.

Tools that data scientists love. Packaged just right.

Whether you’re an individual data scientist or a Fortune 100 company, we’ve got you covered.


Perfect for individuals and small teams. Build, deploy, and manage everything R and Python.

Code with RStudio, JupyterLab, and VS Code

Share and schedulePython and R apps, reports, and more

Access CRAN, Bioconductor, and PyPI packages, along with internal packages

One production and one staging instance

SSO / Authentication

Essential tools for administrators

Support up to 10 developers and 50 viewers with 3 package repositories


Built to scale. Scale critical data science work with more power and governance.

All Basic features

High availability / load balancing with two production and two staging instances

Authentication pass-through for AWS, Databricks, and Azure credentials in Posit Workbench

Deploy Python and R APIs in Posit Connect

Curated repositories with security vulnerability reporting and blocking in Posit Package Manager

Enhanced tools for administrators

Support up to 100 developers and 500 viewers with 10 package repositories


Our complete enterprise solution. Meet every enterprise requirement while maximizing the power of open source.

All Enhanced features

Unlimited instances of Posit products for advanced deployments

Develop in Kubernetes, Slurm, Amazon SageMaker, AzureML, and Google Cloud with Posit Workbench

Execute apps, models, reports, and other content on Kubernetes with Posit Connect

Deliver Python and R packages in offline, air-gapped environments

Advanced tools for administrators

Support as many developers and viewers as you need (pricing for Posit Team products is based on the number of named users your organization requires)

Unlimited package repositories

Need help with pricing? We'd love to help.

Pricing shouldn't be a barrier for teams who want to do great data science. We're committed to finding exactly the right solution at a price that works for your organization.