RStudio Server

The power of centralized access

Access the RStudio IDE in multiple environments

Posit Workbench Features

Let Workbench take you further

Develop credible insights fast, in R and Python

Posit Workbench provides support for RStudio, Jupyter, and VSCode users. Switch between languages or use different languages for different projects without adding work for your IT team.

Collaborate in a centralized server.

A centralized server allows data scientists to collaborate, reducing work silos and redundant administrative tasks.

Maximize your team’s compute power

Connect to Posit Workbench for more powerful computing resources, freeing up your local system. Data science teams can use IT-managed computing resources in Kubernetes or Slurm clusters, with load balancing and scalable cluster management.

Scale with enterprise security

Posit Workbench has incredible security features, and we built them with IT in mind from the start. Integrate with Active Directory, LDAP, and more.

RStudio Server and Posit Workbench

Product comparison

RStudio Server
Open Source Edition
Posit Workbench
RStudio, Jupyter, and VS Code superpowered for your professional workflow
Starting at
per year
Minimum 5 named users. Price per user decreases as more users are added to a license subscription. Academic and Small Business discounts available.