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Secure, reliable package management

Optimized for open source data science

Curated Repositories

Overhead image of a person typing on their laptop with a Python book to their right

Time Travel

over the shoulder image of a person at a laptop with the Posit Package Manager calendar UI

Offline Mirrors

man sitting at large desks pushed together looking at two computer screens, a laptop open on the other side with Posit Package Manager UI

Multilingual teams

Person with headphones sits in front of 2 monitors looking at Python packages

Bridge the Gap

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Built for your entire organization

Jr. Analyst

Just hired, but learned R or Python in college. Has to DISCOVER tribal knowledge.

Sr. Analyst

Built functions to connect to the company’s database. Wants to SHARE code without emailing files.


Submitted valued trial results to the FDA. Needs to REPRODUCE results, without worrying about packages.

IT / Ops

Receives install and upgrade requests. Goal is to MAINTAIN servers without breaking R or Python code.


Enforces legal and risk policies. Requires SECURE downloads that meet standards.

Quick Start for Package Manager

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