The future of pharma is open source

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An industry-wide shift across every organization

For new talent

Data scientists graduating today expect languages like R and Python to be the backbone of tools used in clinical trials.

For leaders

Leaders responsible for driving innovation across project portfolios and bringing therapeutics to patients faster are training their workforces on open-source tools.

For regulators

Regulators like the FDA are embracing the possibility of freeing the evidence of analysis of beneficial drugs from being locked behind proprietary tools.

Posit Conversations

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A Conversation With Phil Bowsher and Thomas Neitmann

“We cannot influence whether or not a study reads out positively in the end. But if it does, that basically means it's time for that submission, which uses R and Open Source as its backbone, to get submitted to the Health Authority. And actually, there's one Phase Three trial we have in Oncology which is already on the R platform.”

Thomas Neitmann

Senior Data Scientist at Roche

Open source is driving clinical trials forward

Customer Spotlight

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"I think the possibility now with open source and particularly something like R, where you've got a tool like Shiny, is you can start to deliver that submission in a different way. I think we'll be sharing the data directly with the regulators in the future, we'll be worried less about how we format that and get it to look really nice on a piece of paper."

Andy Nicholls

Senior Director, Head of Statistical Data Sciences at GSK

Big pharma, innovating with open source

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