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Analyst Reports

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Posit (formerly RStudio) was named a Strong Performer
Posit was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™ and received the highest scores possible in the evaluation criteria for security, applications, open source, and platforms infrastructure.
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Posit PBC (formerly RStudio) seeks to augment R and Python analytic workflows in Tableau
Posit now seeks to bring its R and Python-based data science capabilities to Tableau’s BI platform to provide better analytical workflows when coding data science jobs in R and Python.
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Posit (formerly RStudio) bridges the gap between data science teams and decision makers
According to the Global Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Platforms Growth Opportunities report, Posit bridges the gap between data science teams (using R and Python) and decision-makers (or other systems using outputs via APIs integration) with a suite that includes the creation or sharing of insights (Posit Workbench, Posit Connect), management, maintenance, and reproducibility (Posit Package Manager).
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Posit (formerly RStudio) looks to the cloud, sheds light on open-source based data science business
The company is delivering its data science portfolio in the cloud as it continues to build an open source and commercial business around R and, increasingly, Python open source programming languages used to code data science.
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Posit (formerly RStudio) focuses on bilingual data science for coders by embracing Python and R
The company’s raison d’être used to be to provide open source and commercial data science for R coders. RStudio is now looking to expand its addressable audience by embracing a second open source programming language – Python.
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RStudio Inc becomes RStudio PBC (now Posit PBC), expands data science product focus with Python support
The company has changed its corporate status from a C corporation to a benefit corporation and has shifted its product focus beyond the R open-source programming language to support Python open source-based data science.