Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2023)

September 17th-20th in Chicago

RStudio IDE

The most trusted IDE for open source data science

Top Features

Go further with RStudio Desktop Pro

Close up of a person working on their laptop with RStudio Pro on the screen
Connect to your company databases

Explore your SQL or NoSQL databases with Posit Professional Drivers - installable directly from your IDE.

Remote connection to Posit Workbench

Connect to Posit Workbench for more powerful computing resources, freeing up your local system.

Enterprise support

Access to priority support and a commercial license for organizations unable to use AGPL software.

Detailed Product Comparison

Open Source Edition
The Premier IDE for R
RStudio Desktop Pro
The RStudio IDE, superpowered for your professional workflow
per year
All of the features of open source; plus: