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POSIT x Snowflake

Your favorite data science tools, now in the Snowflake Data Cloud

The Posit x Snowflake partnership delivers data science efficiency, governance, and security — all within a platform that just works.


Data science at enterprise scale

Data scientists can now use the tools they know and love including RStudio, Jupyter, JupyterLab, and VS Code directly inside the Snowflake platform.

Posit Workbench on Snowflake eliminates the need for users to manage sensitive credentials and improves both velocity and security in the process.


Bring it all together in one trusted environment

Posit Workbench runs inside Snowpark Container Services to present data scientists with a single, fully managed, and secure solution without the need to manage separate infrastructure.

Your data never leaves the Snowflake platform — efficiency, security, and governance are baked in —empowering teams to get more done, safely.

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Posit x Snowflake in action

Using RStudio to Analyze and Explore Data Stored in Snowflake

Find out how easy it is to set up an R environment inside of Posit Workbench running as a native app on Snowpark Container Services.

Setup, security, and power

Better data science, less IT burden, and the satisfaction of knowing everything runs closer to the data

Easy to set up and hit the ground running, safely

Posit’s tight integration with Snowflake provides a simpler path to deploy and manage open source data science tools across the enterprise. With all details managed centrally and pre-configured for users, IT teams can easily invite users to sign in to use their tools. It all runs in Snowflake, and it all just works.

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Benefit from governance that’s already in place

Posit users benefit from Snowflake's data governance, with support for end-user authentication and credential pass-through. With Posit Workbench in Snowflake, data scientists can seamlessly access the data they need, without any additional configuration or security headaches.

Streamlined access to data across the organization

Data science teams require access to current, accurate data — and the tools to make sense of it. Without leaving the Snowflake environment, data scientists can run any of their favorite tools, like RStudio and VS Code, within Posit Workbench to deliver the insights that help inform great business decisions.

"With the Snowflake Native App Framework and its new support for Snowpark Container Services, partners like Posit can bring their enterprise suite of data science solutions directly to customers’ data, and enable customers to run these applications within the governance perimeter of their Snowflake account. With this tight integration, our mutual customers can use RStudio and Posit's other data science tools to get the most value from their data on the Data Cloud."

Prasanna Krishnan, Head of Collaboration and Horizon, Snowflake

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