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Data Science Hangout

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Upcoming episodes

Dan Negrey
Mar 2023
Dan Negrey
Join us with Dan as we discuss statistical computing, reproducibility and building powerful data tools, dashboards and reports.
Natalie O’Shea
Apr 2023
Natalie O’Shea
Join us with Natalie as we discuss developing communities of belonging in data science so we can cultivate a profession that is inclusive enough to tackle big problems with data and humble enough to recognize when data and technology solutions are not the answer.
Emily Riederer
Apr 2023
Emily Riederer
Join us with Emily as we discuss all layers of the data stack and how a strong foundation in high quality data infrastructure and reproducible tools sets the stage for innovation in modeling, causal inference, and analytics.
David Granjon PhD

David Granjon PhD

Join us with David to hear how he provides his expertise to help associates design production ready apps for clinical trials, from wireframing activities to automated deployments.

Nick Pylypiw

Nick Pylypiw

Join us with Nick as we discuss data as a tool in the social space: illuminating disparity, diagnosing issues impacting communities, informing resource allocation, and measuring impact of initiatives and programs.

Dara Straussman

Dara Straussman

Join us with Dara to hear how their team focuses on forecasting, machine learning, and analytics in the Finance and Operations spaces.



Helping data science leaders grow together

We’ve built a group of data scientists that celebrate what it means to be a leader. We prioritize representation from all different industries, genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, and years of experience.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the data science game — your title, background, or education either.

What does matter is that you’re passionate about learning, celebrating diverse perspectives, and raising the bar for what it means to be a data scientist.

So join with an open mind, an appetite to learn, and if you’re up to the challenge, something to contribute to your fellow data scientists.

When you grow, we grow.
Hope to see you there!

What happens in a Data Science Hangout?

Each week, host Rachael Dempsey invites an accomplished data science leader to talk about their experience and answer questions from the audience.

The discussion focuses mainly on the human elements of data science leadership. There’s no sales or marketing fluff, just great insights from inspiring professionals.

Featured speakers

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City of Reykjavik

Transforming a city through digital transformation

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As anyone familiar with the life sciences knows, the business of medicine requires exceptional data science. The Scientific Computing Solutions team in AstraZeneca’s Advanced Analytics Centre use R and Posit data science tools to develop life changing medicines more efficiently

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