Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

Shifting to an Open-Source Backbone in Clinical Trials with Roche

In 2023, Roche plans to shift to an entirely open-source infrastructure within clinical trials. This shift represents years of innovation across the organization, spanning package development, employee upskilling, product investments, and workflow changes.

In this presentation, data science leaders at Roche and Genentech will detail this work and what it means for future clinical trials. Specifically, Ning Leng, Dr. Kieran Martin, and Thomas Neitman will detail Roche’s efforts and vision and the impact they hope this shift will have on Roche’s ability to deliver helpful therapeutics to the market faster. To help organize this presentation, we’ve collaborated consistently with James Black, Senior Director of Insights Engineer at Roche. While he won’t be speaking during the presentation, he has played a key role in this shift.

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