Do more with R and Python in Posit Cloud

Posit Cloud is a platform for coding and publishing data projects in the cloud. It continues to evolve with more powerful compute options and new subscription plans.
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Posit Cloud makes it easy for you to manage data projects in reproducible environments that contain your code, your data, and your results, all of which can be shared with others.

The online platform has changed substantially in recent years. You can now code natively in R with RStudio and Python with Jupyter Notebook. You can securely store database connections for use across multiple projects. And you can publish interactive applications alongside a variety of Quarto and R Markdown documents.

Code in Posit Cloud and a published Shiny app

All this new functionality has remained paired with old compute limits and subscription plans. Until today.


Double the Power


Our users increasingly work with larger datasets and more sophisticated models. To support these efforts, we have doubled the maximum computing resources available for RAM (32GB), CPUs (8), and Background Execution Time (96 hours).

These improvements are designed to help data professionals more effectively handle end-to-end workflows in a unified environment for both coding analysis and publishing results.

Resource allocation in Posit Cloud


Choose from New Professional Plans


Two new professional plans are available to help individuals and teams to get started. Cloud Basic offers an affordable entry point for many common project types. Cloud Standard provides maximum compute resources and replaces the previous Cloud Premium plan with better specs and a lower price point.

  Cloud Basic Cloud Standard
Monthly Price $25 $75
Compute Hours 150 500
RAM (GB) 8 32
CPUs 2 8
Background Execution Time 24 96

You can find all the details on our updated Plans & Pricing page.


Learn More and Sign Up for a Free Account


On the last Tuesday of every month, we host an event – Posit Cloud Essentials – where we demonstrate how to easily get started with Posit Cloud by using some of our favorite features, tips, and use cases. The event is open to all and hosted on YouTube with a live Q&A during each month’s event. View our most recent event and add the next one to your calendar using this link.

Finally, the Cloud Free plan isn’t going anywhere. It remains the best way for you to experiment with the new features and functionality coming to Posit Cloud. Sign up today!


Editor’s note: We have updated this blog post to accurately reflect the Posit Cloud Basic plan.