Exploring the Future: Harnessing Data with Snowflake and Posit

A person on their laptop connecting to Databricks through RStudio. The Snowflake and Posit logos.

In a world overflowing with data, many companies are modernizing their data architecture by migrating to the cloud. Organizations use the Snowflake Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, power data applications, and execute diverse AI/ML and analytic workloads.

Snowflake and Posit have partnered to combine Posit’s powerful, user-friendly tools for data science development and publishing with Snowflake’s easy-to-use platform, which provides elastic scalability, cloud-native architecture, and built-in governance with unified compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities. Joint users can take advantage of features that make Posit products easy to work with Snowflake, ultimately enhancing their analytic capabilities. Let’s take a look at the road ahead.


Posit in Snowpark Container Services


Snowpark Container Services (Public Preview)  is a new, fully-managed Snowflake runtime that extends the platform’s processing engine to provide developers the flexibility to register and deploy containerized software and applications in Snowflake-managed infrastructure. This runtime opens the opportunity to run analyses natively without data ever leaving the cloud.    

Posit Workbench is cherished by data scientists for delivering an unparalleled development experience through a wide selection of popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Combined with Snowflake, Posit Workbench empowers developers to use their most effective tools with increased compute power, direct data access, and advanced functionalities.

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Posit Workbench with Snowpark Container Services. Users can work in the development environment of their choice directly alongside relevant data, all within the security and governance boundaries of Snowflake. We look forward to providing a seamless combination of advanced container services and Posit professional products, ensuring a secure and efficient workflow for your data-driven projects.

In the future, we anticipate providing access to all of Posit Team through Snowpark Container Services.


Enhanced integration with Snowflake and Posit Workbench


Connecting with Snowflake from Posit products has never been easier, but user authentication remains a common pain point. Security requirements often prevent users from using plain username and password authentication to secure services like Snowflake. We’re hard at work improving this by adding support for managed Snowflake OAuth credentials in an upcoming release of Posit Workbench.  With this feature, Posit Workbench manages Snowflake credentials on users’ behalf, so there is no need to supply manual credentials. Instead, users can immediately start interacting with Snowflake as soon as their Workbench session starts.


The future is bright


As Posit and Snowflake expand our partnership, we envision continued benefits for our mutual community. Support for Posit within Snowpark Container Services and managed Snowflake OAuth credentials signal the beginning of a more in-depth partnership, which will lead to further enhancements for joint users.

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