Learn Python for Data Science with Posit Academy



May 17, 2023 12pm ET


Learning Python for Data Science with Posit Academy



Traditional data science training is broken. And we set out to fix it. Last year, we introduced Posit Academy to the world, our turn-key solution for professional teams that want to learn open-source data science, specifically R.

Since then, companies across every industry have leveraged Academy to successfully upskill their workforces. Teams who have gone through an Academy cohort cite that 94% of learners were still writing code 6 months later!

But we didn’t want to just stop at R.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to introduce Python-based learning with Posit Academy. And on May 17th, we’re going to show you what the Academy curriculum looks like for professionals who want to learn Python.

Join us live for a presentation that details why Posit Academy is the best experience for professional data science teams who want to learn Python.

You’ll learn about the Academy philosophy and why it’s so successful at upskilling professional scientists. You’ll get a first-hand look at what a curriculum and real projects look like, with the opportunity to ask questions.

If your organization is serious about becoming more data-driven, specifically with open-source languages like R and Python, and wants to facilitate this education in a way that’s relevant to the work that needs to be done on the job, we highly recommend that you attend.

There’s no need to register. Just add the event to your calendar and show up on the day of the presentation.


Daniel Chen is a postdoctoral teaching fellow at the University of British Columbia and a data science educator at Posit, PBC. He has been teaching data science in R and Python for the last ten years and used this experience to study how to teach data science to folks in the biomedical sciences for his dissertation.


May 17, 2023

12pm ET| YouTube LIVE