Posit Cheatsheets: Now in HTML!

A bunch of pages of cheatsheets laid across each other

Our cheatsheets are concise, quick-reference guides that summarize key concepts, functions, and syntax for popular Posit tools. Cheatsheets have long been an invaluable resource for anyone working with R and the tidyverse, and we’re continuing to expand them to new languages and tools.

We’re excited to share three updates:

  • Each cheatsheet now has an HTML version; more on that below.
  • We have a new cheatsheet website where each cheatsheet gets its own page, with links to the PDF version and to any community translations.
  • We have published new cheatsheets for Shiny for Python and Quarto.

In the past, we have provided our cheatsheets in PDF format. But PDF cheatsheets have some limitations: they’re time-consuming to update and they’re not accessible. So now we’ve paired each PDF cheatsheet with an HTML equivalent (made with Quarto, of course!). As well as being more accessible for blind and low-vision folks (thanks to help from ilumino), the cheatsheets are also more usable from the browser (especially on your phone), fully hyperlinked, and a little more likely to pop up when googling.

Thanks to Andy Teucher for the new landing pages, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel for coordination and updates, and to all the developers who work to keep these updated.