posit::conf() deadlines extended!

Text: "Call for talks extended. posit::conf(2023). Sept 17 - 20 Chicago." A cartoon crew of people walking.

We’ve extended the deadline for both calls for talks and opportunity scholars for posit::conf(2023) to April 7!


Call for talks


What do we want to hear about?


  • How you’ve used R or Python to solve a challenging problem.
  • Projects and teams where R and Python live together in harmony.
  • Your favorite R or Python package and how it makes life easier or unlocks new capabilities.
  • Your techniques for teaching data science to help reach new domains and new audiences.
  • Your broad reflections on data science, packages, code, and/or community.
  • Anything else you think the Posit community would love to hear about!

You can see the talks from last year on our YouTube playlist.


What does a talk look like?


Talks are 20 minutes long and can be either live and in-person or pre-recorded and remote. If you’re interested in giving a pre-recorded talk, it doesn’t need to be in English. We know we won’t be able to accept all the wonderful talks you submit, so we will also include a couple of sessions of lightning talks. These 5-minute talks are drawn from the main pool of talk proposals, i.e., there is no separate application process.


Why give a talk?


  • All speakers will receive coaching from Articulation Inc. Speakers for rstudio::conf(2022) found the coaching both fun and very worthwhile; it’s a great opportunity to polish your speaking skills while getting to know the other speakers.
  • You’ll get free registration for the conference.
  • We have some travel support available for those who need it.


How do I submit?


To submit a talk, you’ll need to create a 60-second video that introduces you and your proposed topic. In the video, you should tell us who you are, why your topic is important, and what attendees will take away from it. If you’re worried about creating a video, Rachael Dempsey put together a LinkedIn post with a bunch of advice. An easy way to create your video is to just meet with yourself and record it. Don’t stress out about the production value; the most important thing is to get your idea and enthusiasm across. 

If you’re interested, please submit a proposal at: https://pos.it/conf-talks-2023/.  Applications close at midnight on April 7, anywhere on Earth.


Opportunity Scholars


Who are our scholars?


We are looking for 40 scholars from around the world who are members of a group that is underrepresented at posit::conf(). These groups include people of color, those with disabilities, elders/older adults, LGBTQ folks, and women/minority genders. Because we know there is so much uncertainty around travel, especially for people outside the United States, diversity scholars can choose to participate virtually or in person.


What’s included?


Opportunity scholarships will include:

  • conference registration,
  • a workshop (either virtual or in person),
  • practical support, if needed, to enable participation in the virtual conference (such as an accessibility aid, a resource for internet access, or childcare),
  • travel support for in-person participants,
  • and, of course, swag!


How to apply?


Fill out your details at https://pos.it/conf-diversity-2023. Applications close at midnight on April 7, anywhere on Earth.