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R/Pharma at posit::conf(2023)

Posit is partnering with R/Pharma to host an in-person program at posit::conf(2023), September 17 through September 20 in Chicago, focusing on the future of drug development using open source.
R Pharma Roundtable Summit at posit conf 2023 on a background featuring the Chicago skyline

Posit is excited to announce that we are partnering with R/Pharma to host their in-person program at our upcoming annual user conference, posit::conf(2023), happening at the Hyatt Regency Chicago from Sunday, September 17 through Wednesday, September 20, 2023. The R/Pharma Virtual gathering will happen one month later on October 24, 25, and 26.

The in-person R/Pharma program at posit::conf(2023) will focus on the future of drug development using open source. The collaboration will include two activities specific to the pharmaceutical industry:

  1. The “R/Pharma Roundtable Summit” for program leaders and people leading Open Source initiatives, and
  2. The “Leveraging And Contributing To The Pharmaverse For Clinical Trial Reporting In R” workshop for data professionals.

We have a limited number of seats available for the in-person R/Pharma program so we encourage you and your colleagues to register early. Register now at

During the flagship event, the R/Pharma Roundtable Summit, facilitators will foster in-person discussions and conversations about key items (reproducibility, submissions, scalability, etc.) with industry leaders about open-source tools for next-generation submissions. R Validation Hub lead, Doug Kelkhoff (Roche), will lead a 90-minute workshop on a new validated repository for GxP R use. For the reminder of the day, R/Pharma and Posit will facilitate talks and discussions around open source drug development topics relevant to participating attendees. You can find a sample agenda for the R/Pharma Roundtable Summit at

We already have a great lineup of speakers and facilitators confirmed for the R/Pharma Roundtable Summit, including: 

  • James Black, R/Pharma executive (Roche)
  • Ning Leng, R/Pharma organizing committee (Genentech)
  • Doug Kelkhoff, R Validation Hub Lead (Genentech)
  • Shannon Pileggi, Lead Data Scientist (The Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium)
  • Phil Bowsher, R/Pharma executive (Posit)
  • Rich Iannone, Software Engineer (Posit)

Others helping to plan the event include:

  • Harvey Lieberman, R/Pharma executive (Novartis) 
  • Paulo Bargo, R/Pharma executive (Johnson & Johnson) 
  • Michael Blanks, R/Pharma executive (Beigene)
  • Volha Tryputsen, R/Pharma organizing committee (Johnson & Johnson)

Thomas Neitmann, Associate Director Data Science at Denali Therapeutics, Pawel Rucki, Chief Engineer at Roche, and Christina Fillmore, Data Science Leader at GSK will teach a pharma-focused workshop titled, “Leveraging And Contributing To The Pharmaverse For Clinical Trial Reporting In R”. This workshop will introduce participants to the pharmaverse, a collection of open source R packages that provide the next generation backbone for clinical trial reporting. In the workshop, participants will also create ADaM datasets, prepare tables and figures as well as interactive shiny apps.  You can find a sample agenda for the workshop here:

All R/Pharma program participants are encouraged to stay for the general conference happening September 19 – 20. The general conference will include two days of talks on various topics, high-profile keynotes, and opportunities to network with over 1,000 data professionals. Posit will release the full general conference schedule closer to the date. You can learn more about the conference at