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Join us starting on August 11 at posit::conf(2024) to discuss the future of open-source drug development with experts from Genentech, GSK, JnJ, Novartis, Roche, Posit, and many more!
R/Pharma August 11 2024

Join us starting on August 11 at posit::conf(2024) to discuss the future of open-source drug development with experts from Genentech, GSK, JnJ, Novartis, Roche, Posit, and many more! 

We’re excited to partner with R/Pharma for their in-person events at our conference at the Hyatt Regency in Seattle. Together, we’ll learn from and engage with experts at pharmaceutical organizations working towards transparent and collaborative clinical trials.

The partnership consists of two in-person activities at posit::conf:

Following the R/Pharma events will be two full days of keynotes and talks, with several about pharma, on August 13 and 14 at posit::conf(2024). Learn more about the agenda.

You can register for the entire conference, which consists of the R/Pharma Summit, Flavors of the Pharmaverse Workshop, and the general conference, or the specific events that interest you.

R/Pharma’s virtual gathering will occur on October 29 – 31. Workshops will run the week prior. Virtual registration will open in early summer, with details shared on the R/Pharma website.


Sunday, August 11: R/Pharma Summit


At the R/Pharma Summit, we’re exploring the future of drug development using open-source tools and collaborative working across the pharma industry. Throughout the day, industry leaders will lead discussions on key topics like reproducibility, submissions, Shiny, and scalability, focusing on open-source tools for next-gen submissions.

The confirmed lineup for the R/Pharma Summit includes:

  • James Black, Doug Kelkhoff, and Vincent Shen (Roche)
  • Katie Igartua (Tempus)
  • Shannon Pileggi (The Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium)
  • Michael Mayer and Phil Bowsher (Posit)
  • Sumesh Kalappurakal and Satish Murthy (JnJ)
  • Paulo Bargo (Novartis)
  • Michael Blanks (Beigene)
  • Matthias Trampisch (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Daniel Sjoberg & Jeeva Kailasam (Genentech)
  • Pameljit Kalra (ZS)
  • Becca Krouse and Ellis Hughes (GSK)
  • Cassie Milmont (Amgen)
  • Aaron Clark (Arcus)
  • Kate Ostbye (Seagan)
  • Margaret Wishart (BMS)
  • Stephanie Lussier (Moderna)
  • Alexandra Wall (UCB)
  • Melanie Hullings (Formation Bio)
  • Victoria Prince (Takeda)

We’ll kick off with a pharma workshop, then move into interactive talks and discussions tailored to the attendees’ interests. 

If you want to help shape the agenda, please get involved in the discussion here.


Monday, August 12: Flavors of the Pharmaverse Workshop


In addition to the Summit, R/Pharma is hosting an in-person workshop called Flavors of the Pharmaverse on Monday, August 12. 

Led by experts Daniel Sjoberg (Genentech), Becca Krouse (GSK), Ellis Hughes (GSK), and Mike Stackhouse (Atorus), this workshop gives an overview of the tools available in the Pharmaverse for clinical trials. It will cover topics like curating ADaM data sets, developing Analysis Results Data Sets, and creating TLGs.

The instructors will explore two to three strategies for making tables, lists, and figures. Attendees will leave with a better grasp of how the Pharmaverse can benefit their organization and where to find more information on the right tools for their needs.


Tuesday, August 13 – Wednesday, August 14: Talks at posit::conf(2024)


If you’re part of the R/Pharma program, we’d love for you to stick around for our general conference on August 13-14. There’ll be two days of talks covering different subjects, exciting keynotes, and opportunities to connect with over 1,000 data experts. Pharma-related talks include:

  • Breaking Barriers: Adopting R in Biotech with Posit, presented by Nicole Jones (Denali Therapeutics)
  • Mastering the Art of Adopting R and Python: Innovative Strategies for Effective Change Management, presented by Mark Bynens (Johnson & Johnson)
  • A New Era for Shiny-based Clinical Submissions using WebAssembly, presented by Eric Nantz (Eli Lilly)
  • Open-Source Initiatives in Pharma – What’s Out There and Why You Should Join, presented by Nicholas Masel (Johnson & Johnson)

See the full agenda.


How to register for the in-person R/Pharma events at posit::conf(2024)


To register for the in-person R/Pharma events in August:

  • Go to the posit::conf(2024) event portal and create an account.
  • Fill out the required fields.
  • On the “Select Your Package(s) Below” page, select your choices from the following:
    • Conference Pass for the general conference talks on August 13 and 14
    • Workshop Pass, then select Flavors of the Pharmaverse for the workshop on August 12
    • R/Pharma Summit Pass for the in-person event on August 11
  • Submit the order.

You can select events individually or as part of a bundle. If you have any issues or questions about the registration process, please contact us at


Be part of the discussion at posit::conf(2024)


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