What can you publish with Posit Connect?

Text: What can you publish with Posit Connect?

A Streamlit server for Streamlit apps. A Dash server for Dash apps.

Oh no! Your new teammate is a Shiny user. Time for a Shiny server…?

Imagine a world where you no longer need to juggle an assortment of tools to deploy and host your R and Python creations. Welcome to the realm of Posit Connect, the All-in-One Solution for all your publishing needs. 

Posit Connect alleviates the hassle and expense of multiple servers by enabling you to publish all sorts of data products: Shiny, Streamlit, Dash, FastAPI, Flask, Jupyter Notebooks, Bokeh, R Markdown, Quarto… the list goes on. No more complexity or confusion – just the convenience and cost-savings of a comprehensive solution.

Publishing a Streamlit app? Type this in your terminal:

rsconnect deploy streamlit --server https://colorado.posit.co/rsc/ --api-key  ./

Time to publish a Dash app? No problem:

rsconnect deploy dash --server https://colorado.posit.co/rsc/ --api-key  ./

See a diverse set of apps, documents, and APIs on Posit Connect:

And that’s not everything you can publish!

Say “hello world” to Posit Connect, where you can focus on sharing impactful work. Let’s explore a (non-comprehensive) selection of Python data products you can deploy, host, and share using this publishing platform.


Deploy your Shiny for Python apps to Posit Connect

We announced Shiny for Python last summer and its general availability in April. With Shiny for Python, you can build interactive web applications with the expressiveness and power of reactive programming. You can combine that with the extensive array of data analysis tools and visualization libraries in Python.

Watch Ryan Johnson deploy a Shiny for Python app from VS Code on Posit Workbench to Posit Connect:

Deploy your Dash apps to Posit Connect

Dash is a Python framework for creating interactive web applications, transforming your Python scripts into user-friendly web apps.

Watch Ryan Johnson deploy a Dash app from VS Code on Posit Workbench to Posit Connect:

Deploy your Streamlit apps to Posit Connect

Streamlit is a user-friendly Python library that quickly transforms your data scripts into live, shareable apps.

Watch me deploy a Streamlit app from VS Code on Posit Workbench to Posit Connect:

Publish your Quarto documents on Posit Connect

Quarto is an open-source technical publishing system that interweaves text and code to create dynamic documents in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, and Word. Below, I show how to publish a Quarto document to Posit Connect. Posit Connect also supports Quarto websites, slides, and more.


Deploy FastAPI to Posit Connect

FastAPI is a modern, high-performance web framework for building APIs with Python.

Watch Nick Rohrbaugh deploy FastAPI from VS Code on Posit Workbench to Posit Connect:


Discover what else you can do with Posit Connect

We hope you enjoyed this exploration of the world of Posit Connect. The adventure doesn’t stop there! We are constantly expanding the horizons of the platform to add even more tools at your disposal. Recently, we announced support for Voilà and Jupyter widgets, unlocking even more options for reaching your stakeholders.