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08 Jul 2021

Communicating the Value of Data Science

Elaine McVey

VP of Data Science at the Looma Project
How data scientists should communicate with executives, and why communication is such an important part of the job.
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Episode notes

We were joined by Elaine McVey, VP of Data Science at the Looma Project. Communication was a focus in our conversation with Elaine as we discussed improving communication skills as a data scientist, packaging insights to executives, and what people often get wrong when sharing insights with the business.


What are your stakeholders doing today that they should change as a result of your analysis? What will the business impact be of doing so? How can you deliver more value as a data scientist? Focus on communicating the results of your analysis, not the technical details.


Here a few snippets from the conversation:

21:30 – How to approach experimentation and running tests

43:30 – How do you communicate the value of data science to executives

52:40 – Ways to improve your communication skills as a data scientist

57:15 – How to package insights to executives

1:01:03 – What data scientists get wrong when communicating insights


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