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15 Jul 2021

Jonathan Regenstein | Building Relationships with IT and Non-Data Scientists

Jonathan Regenstein

Head of Data at Truist Securities
How data science teams should work with IT to make sure projects are sufficiently supported.
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Episode notes

We were recently joined by Jonathan Regenstein, Head of Data and Quantamental Research at Truist Securities. Working with IT and building relationships was a focus in our conversation with Jonathan. He included a few tips for building relationships with non-data scientist colleagues.


Find a partner within the IT organization and talk to that person at least once a week. IT can help you communicate value proposition along the way as well.


“It sounds crazy to say this in the world of data science, but relationship building was critical to what we did, especially at a bank. Thousands of request for new technology. There’s no way to avoid going through all the security scans and check marks that we have to go through. We want to make sure we have a good partner who is going to help us do that”


0:48 – Start of session 10:52 – How should data science leaders work with IT?

46:20 – How far out Data Science Leaders should be planning projects with IT

48:20 – How do you become a champion of data science within your organization?

1:02:11 – Your responsibility as a data science leader is to work cross functionally

1:04:17 – Data Science Leaders: Your business cares about the value, not how you got there.

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