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22 Jul 2021

Getting Executives to Support Data Science

Tori Oblad

Enterprise Data & Analytics Officer at WaFd Bank
How to get executive buy-in for data science initiatives, how to communicate effectively across the business, and ways to build trust with departments like IT and compliance.
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Episode notes

The Data Science Hangout is a weekly, free-to-join open conversation for current and aspiring data science leaders. An accomplished leader in the space will join us each week and answer whatever questions the audience may have.


We were recently joined by Tori Oblad, Enterprise Data & Analytics Officer at WaFd Bank.


Here are a few snippets from our conversation:

1:14 – Start of session

3:00 – How to build an internal data science community

11:40 – Showing the art of the possible

14:00 – How do you get others to lead topics and foster engagement?

26:17 – Writing starter scripts for new users

35:55 – When to use R or Python versus BI

36:38 – Building toy models in Excel to explain it to people / to build relationships with business

38:33 – Avoiding vendor lock-in, being technology agnostic

43:35 – How to build confidence with IT and compliance

49:15 – Working with business users and creating business value

53:21 – Getting business and executive support

1:22:30 – What data scientists should focus on when communicating with stakeholders: value


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