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05 Aug 2021

Understanding the Impact of Data Science

Frank Corrigan

Director, Decision Intelligence at Target
The different ways data science teams can measure and understand their business impact, and the importance of reproducibility.
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Episode notes

We want to help data science leaders become better. The Data Science Hangout is a weekly, free-to-join open conversation for current and aspiring data science leaders.  An accomplished leader in the space will join us each week and answer whatever questions the audience may have.


We were recently joined by Frank Corrigan, Director of Decision Intelligence at Target.


A few snippets:

6:38 – Problem formation – trying to find the unknown unknowns and bringing them to the business

8:20 – Integrating your data science team into your company’s business objectives (ex. newsletter)

10:50 – What is the divide between a business analyst and a data scientist, in your eyes? How business analysts and data scientists differ

15:32 – What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in your role and what did you learn from this mistake?

19:15 – Onboarding new team members effectively

25:00 – The importance of motivating non-data scientists

26:42 – Resources for data scientists

32:30 – Challenges when using different tools across a data science team

49:28 – Analytical thinking vs critical thinking skills

57:30 – Embracing the 80/20 Rule & the importance of Focus Time

1:02:48 – Two frameworks to be more effective with stakeholders

1:06:47 – Rebranding to “decision intelligence”

1:08:35 – Quantitatively measuring impact from data science insights

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