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19 Aug 2021

Data Science is More About People

Óli Páll Geirsson

Chief Data Officer at City of Reykjavik
The importance of people when it comes to building an effective data science team. The need for diversity, great collaboration, and an open mind within data science teams that want to make an impact.
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Episode notes

We want to help data science leaders become better. The Data Science Hangout is a weekly, free-to-join open conversation for current and aspiring data science leaders.


An accomplished leader in the space will join us each week and answer whatever questions the audience may have. We were recently joined by Óli Páll Geirsson, Chief Data Officer at the City of Reykjavik.


A few snippets:

9:44 – Providing value to stakeholders in data science

12:35 – Why data science is more about the people

15:06 – Communication with stakeholders = Crucial

17:21 – The value of building up your data science team

18:08 – Why you need a diverse data science team

20:15 – More efficient data science teams by breaking down goals

37:46 – Active listening to better identify needs for your data science projects

43:55 – Prioritizing the projects your data science team works on

49:37 – The best way to approach key stakeholders 1:07:06 – The importance of visualizing data products


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