07 Oct 2021

Kobi Abayomi | Adjusting Metrics Across the Business

Sr VP of Data Science at Warner Music Group
Using data science in the music industry, communicating metrics across the business, and becoming a leader.
portrait of Kobi Abayomi in front of textured gray wall

Episode notes

We were recently joined by Kobi Abayomi, Sr VP of Data Science & Analytics at Warner Music Group.


Here are a few snippets from our conversation:

1:19 – Start of session

3:42 – Example of using data science in the music industry

6:32 – Data science compared to data analysis: going from analysis to research

9:35 – Data science and data engineering, what comes first?

11:42 – How did you become a Bayesian shop?

17:05 – Productionalized visualizations being outside of data science

18:45 – How do you explain quantitative concepts to others across the business

26:12 – When the metrics used by the business aren’t what they should be

30:39 – How algorithms will (or won’t) impact music

39:59 – Gathering data from the business

41:33 – Becoming a leader, your team is a gift


A few resources mentioned by Kobi:

Illustration of every genre of music that came up: everynoise.com 

I like Qtip’s radio station on AppleMusic I try to listen to every interview every of Donald Knuth

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