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21 Oct 2021

Training a Team of Data Scientists

Edgar Gallo

Chief Data Officer at Daimler Trucks North America
What it means to be a Chief Data Officer at a big company like Daimler trucks. He speaks passionately on how to effectively build and train a team and how to establish a value proposition within a data science team.
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Episode notes

The Data Science Hangout is a weekly, free-to-join open conversation for current and aspiring data science leaders. An accomplished leader in the space will join us each week and answer whatever questions the audience may have.


We were recently joined by Edgar Gallo, Chief Data Officer at Daimler Trucks North America. The opinions and lessons learned are Edgar Gallo’s and not representative of Daimler Trucks North America.


A few key snippets from our conversation:


01:19 – Start of session

05:20 – How to train a team of data scientists

07:30 – Value proposition for the data science team

19:40 – Collecting questions internally, deciding what problems to solve

24:31 – What role does the Chief Data Officer have, which teams do you lead?

28:09 – Centralized vs decentralized data science team

32:40 – Deploying data science solutions

39:40 – Business problems/questions that led to data science team being developed


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