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17 Feb 2022

Understanding stakeholder tendencies

Mike Miller

Vice President and Data Science Team Leader at Engine
The do's and don'ts of surveys
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Episode notes

We were recently joined by Mike Miller, Vice President and Data Science Team Leader at Engine, to discuss the most important things going in data science leadership.


We dove deep into a conversation towards the end of the discussion regarding surveys (whether internal or to clients):


Responder fatigue is a huge concern and something we deal with on a daily basis.


✔️ Keep it short, keep it focused. Make sure you’re asking people what you want to get out of it. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole with data you’d like to see. Every time you add a question make sure it’s focused on your main objective.


✔️ Five questions, maybe 10 max. More than that you should be paying your respondents.


✔️ Double-barreled questions are bad – check for these. (questions composed of more than two separate issues or topics, which however can only have one answer.)


✔️ Write your question well. Think about the people answering this. Make sure the question is asking what you want people to respond to and that there’s no way for other people to interpret it differently.


➡️ Resources mentioned as well:


✨ Bryan’s meetup talk on Survey Design:

✨ Mentorship program Maisie shared:

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