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August 12th-14th in Seattle

17 Mar 2022

Collaboration across a team

Joe Gibson

Senior Project Director at de Beaumont Foundation
The most important things going in data science leadership.
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Episode notes

We were joined by Joe Gibson, Senior Project Director at de Beaumont Foundation.


At the hangout, there was a great conversation on building a code archive database/using snippets ✂️


38:16 – Sharing a bit of the conversation below:


Stephanie asked: How do you build a code archive database? I’ve worked places with Word documents and need something more user-friendly.


Joe: Each time that we create a work product, we log into our database – it creates a new ID for that project and we add some basic information then create a folder for it. We then store it in our structure we have in our network to make it easier for people to find things. In addition to having the library of all our code, we have some folders that have handy code snippets.


Steve: We’re developing an internal package for getting data and doing common tasks is a more standard way, which is nice. Nothing too fancy but it streamlines things.


Ethan: If you’re using GitHub, Gist is also a great way to share snippets of code. I have a snippet that set up the header/documentation structure for a script. On of the first bits is library(tidyverse)


Mike asked: Has anyone developed R snippets and distributed them across a team? I don’t know if people are familiar with the snippets within RStudio but they are cool because you can use template frameworks and it jumps you to the next thing you need to tailor for your own situation. It’s essentially a function.


Tatsu shared:


Javier: These are super helpful, Mike. I recently learned about them and was shocked. I have all kinds of snippets for myself and my team now.


Jordan: I’ve saved snippets inside a core package and have a function that updates your RStudio snippets. Saved a snippet update gist here: requires a snippets folder in your package/inst. You can have this .onLoad() if you’re feeling lucky


Resources shared:

◘ Rachael shared the new champion site:

◘ Jen & Michelle shared the National Syndromic Surveillance Program Community of Practice:

◘ Joe shared Harold’s GitHub for NSSP projects:

◘ Joe mentioned, Mozilla Foundation to ensure the internet remains a public resource that is open and accessible to us all.

◘ Rachael shared AI Inclusive

◘ Cris shared Fairlearn to improve fairness of AI systems::

◘ Angela shared openscapes, helping teams develop collaborative practices that are more reproducible, transparent, inclusive, and kind:

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