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07 Apr 2022

Culture that helps avoid burnout

Jenny Listman

Director of Research, Statespace Labs
We were joined by Jenny Listman to talk about team culture.
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Episode notes

We were joined by Jenny Listman, Director of Research at Statespace. Jenny likes mining multidimensional datasets to find valuable unknown unknowns.


One of the questions that had a lot of people sharing in the chat as well was:


“How do you ensure a work-life balance to avoid burnout?” 


A few thoughts:


  • The culture of the team matters. Make it okay to take personal time in the middle of the week to go to doctors, take children somewhere, etc. If it’s a family member’s birthday, let people do what they need to help them celebrate that person. Having that freedom is important.
  • As a manager, take time off yourself to set a good example.
  • Managers have to be really careful and be on top of that with your employees. Understand who has to take responsibility for certain things and if they are at risk of experiencing burnout.
  • A good manager recognizes when the team needs a break is key. Know when they’ve had a crazy week & let them allocate mental health days accordingly
  • Especially for companies that have nebulous working hours and lack of specific vacation time, ensure that people are taking vacation.
  • HR may keep tabs on if people are taking enough time off, and will make people take off. Try quarterly check-ins to make sure that people are on-track to take enough time off.
  • Some people make the choice to not have any work stuff on my phone at all or delete those apps from your phone on the weekend.

Links shared about burnout


 Speaking of culture, Statespace is hiring!



Other resources shared:


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