Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

27 Apr 2023

Data Science Hangout featuring all of us!


The Data Science Hangout community is made up of people using data (or curious about data) across all different industries, all different roles, and all different levels. This week we hosted everyone on the call as our featured leaders and opened up to a group discussion.
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Episode notes

We did things a bit different this week as our featured leader had to reschedule – and we were all the featured leaders for the week, asking questions to each other. Libby & Mike put Rachael, our Pro Community Lead in the hot seat to start and then we all answered the questions that came in.


Feeling all the community feels on this week’s call especially with everybody jumping in! 


A few topics that came up in discussion:

6:02 – How your skills & knowledge that help you in your career can come from places outside work

7:43 – Being a part of the initiation process to use data science tools in your organization / value of open source

11:29 – What are people thinking about using ChatGPT in their companies?

17:02 – What have you learned from a marketing background that can help us sell our data tools?

25:55 – Is there a way for people to connect after the Hangout? Join our LinkedIn group!

26:45 – Favorite data science podcasts or YouTube Channels? 

32:35 – Relationship dynamics in organizations, organizational network analysis

35:47 – Data storytelling courses, how do you present data to be able to persuade people?

41:25 – What makes it hard to get in the door with decision makers?

47:44 – Tips on public speaking

55:42 – How to give an unbiased approach to what you’re presenting?

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