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08 Jun 2023

Copy & paste is operationally dangerous

Brian Fannin

Research Actuary at Casualty Actuarial Society
Join us with Brian to chat about his journey as an actuary who loves open-source tools and enabling committees and research partners to work efficiently in developing relevant, practical content.
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Episode notes

We were recently joined by Brian Fannin, Research Actuary at Casualty Actuarial Society. 

During the hangout (38:46) with Brian, we spoke a bit about the areas where actuaries are turning to code-first data science.

A big selling point for actuaries is when they find out they can replace a very typical actuarial and analytic workflow of creating a plot in Excel and copying and pasting it into Word. That’s operationally inefficient. It’s operationally dangerous.

The notion that my entire analytics report is in one file: all of the code, all of the narrative, all of the tables, it’s like telling me that I can breathe underwater and fly.

I think that as actuaries become aware of that capability, they will get happy about it as will the people who need to communicate with actuaries.

Imagine you’re in a meeting and you have everyone looking at the same file and the plot didn’t update. 

“What do you mean we’re losing $1 billion a day?” 

“Oh, sorry, that’s yesterday’s graph. Today it is…”


Resources shared during the hangout:

R for Actuaries and Data Scientists:

Deep Learning with R (Second Edition):

The Theory That Would Not Die:


R4DS Community:

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