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RStudio Named a Strong Performer

RStudio Team

RStudio Team(opens in a new tab) is our recommended solution for data science teams using R and Python, providing data analysis and data science development environments, as well as a way to share data science insights and applications with decision makers. RStudio Team includes RStudio Workbench, RStudio Package Manager, and RStudio Connect. RStudio Team offers convenience, simplicity, and savings to organizations using R and Python at scale.

The report emphasizes:

  • The importance of open source data science, including R and Python, to give organizations access to the latest and greatest in machine learning algorithms and to help attract top data science talent.
  • How code-first data science platforms “…bring software development discipline to otherwise unruly data science processes, increasing productivity, boosting collaboration, and accelerating time-to-value.” These platforms also make “…individual data scientists dramatically more productive, especially by providing collaboration capabilities for teams.”
  • How “RStudio Team provides the core functionality for enterprise teams that primarily want to use R and Python to develop and deploy their models…at a rock-bottom price.”
  • That, “For any recently established teams, teams doing advanced data science, teams that aspire to do more machine learning, or teams with very small budgets for tools (and, of course, R and Python enthusiasts), RStudio is their best friend.”