Self Service Pricing

Posit gives the power of data science to businesses of all sizes.

RStudio Professional IDE

RStudio Desktop

$1,045 per year

Commercial license

Remote sessions

Posit support

Posit Workbench

$5,225 per year

5 named users per year

Multiple R Versions & Sessions

Add users for $87 per user / per month


Posit Connect

Posit Connect

$15,745 per year

20 named users per year

Single server activation

Pro drivers

Publish Shiny, RMarkdown and Jupyter

Posit Package Manager

Posit Package Manager

$5,245 per year

1 Repository

Single server activation

Access all of CRAN or set up a curated subset

Git, Bioconductor, or PyPl packages

Local packages

Search and browse

Posit Package Manager

$10,495 per year

10 Repositories

2 Server activations for high availability

1 Server activation for testing

Includes all Base features

Multiple Repos allow for Git, Bioconductor, and PyPl Packages

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Pricing shouldn't be a barrier for teams who want to do great data science. We're committed to finding exactly the right solution at a price that works for your organization.