Appreciating the relationship between Data Science and business intelligence has been the subject of debate. Organizations, large and small, have taken various paths on the quest for better, more data-driven decision making. Historically, many large organizations were dependent on centralized IT-driven projects to develop reports and dashboards. As pressure has increased to become more agile in creating and delivering insights to improve how decisions are made, organizations are eyeing self-service BI tools and open source Data Science frameworks.

Often these companies see BI as collecting data to understand the past, and Data Science as way to help anticipate future events. However, many firms are leveraging Data Science to both augment and complement their BI investments. While BI is a good initial step, Data Science is needed to realize deeper insight.

Outlook Series’ Michael Lippis interviews Lou Bajuk to gain RStudio’s perspective on BI & Data Science. Lou is a Sr. Director of Product Marketing at RStudio.

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