Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

How to automate your reporting with Quarto Dashboards and Posit Connect

Get ready to up your reporting game!

Isabella Velásquez dives into the practical side of lightweight dashboards made with Quarto, the next-generation R Markdown, and Posit Connect, our premier publishing platform.

You’ll learn how to build and automate Quarto Dashboards with Posit Connect. We’ll showcase a Python example, but the same principles apply to R, Julia, and Observable.


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1:17 – Overview of the project

2:14 – The data (Consumer Price Index released monthly by Bureau of Labor Statistics)

3:00 – The benefits of using Quarto

5:41 – Introducing Quarto dashboards

7:17 – Navigation bar and pages in Quarto dashboards

7:30 – Dashboard Layout: Rows

7:47 – Dashboard Layout: Columns

8:00 – Tabsets in Quarto dashboards

8:16 – Sidebars in Quarto dashboards

8:25 – Cards in Quarto dashboards
9:50 – Theming in Quarto

10:38 – Today’s dashboard on BLS Data

11:30 – Options for deploying Quarto dashboards

11:50 – Posit Connect overview

13:02 – Demo starting in GitHub repo for project

14:15 – Creating a virtual environment for the project

15:50 – Scheduling a script to run when we know new data is coming in (using pins on Posit Connect)

19:17 – Publishing a script to Posit Connect from VS Code

20:15 – Adding environmental variables to Posit Connect

25:30 – Final dashboard reveal

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