Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

How to build business reports with Quarto

How do you create the report look and feel that your leadership team expects?

Christophe Dervieux at Posit joined us to share how to style Quarto docs and send scheduled email updates to required stakeholders.


Helpful resources:

  • Getting started with Quarto
  • Quarto User guide
  • GitHub repo with this example
  • Q&A Recording
  • If you’re interested in learning more about Posit Connect


    02:00 – What is Quarto?

    02:40 – How does Quarto work? (.md, .qmd or .ipynb as source files)

    03:45 – How to get started with Quarto if you’re new to it?

    04:51 – Using Quarto from within RStudio

    05:00 – Using Quarto within VSCode with extension & Jupyter Lab extension

    05:37 – Visual Editor for Quarto

    07:22 – Customer Tracker Report in RStudio IDE (using source code:

    10:39 – Making Quarto report downloadable as Excel doc (adding download button)

    11:37 – Adding a table of contents to your Quarto report

    12:23 – Spread Quarto graphics across page so that they go into margin

    13:10 – Customizing theme in Quarto (Bootstrap 5)…

    14:45 – Increasing font size in Quarto report

    17:10 – Customizing theme rules

    21:16 – Publishing Quarto report to Posit Connect

    22:35 – Scheduling Quarto report to automatically run

    23:35 – Preview of default / non-customized email

    23:58 – Customizing your Quarto email

    26:52 – Customized email preview that Posit Connect can send

    27:56 – Setting access controls for Quarto report on Connect and when you want emails to send


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