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How to deploy a Shiny application using clinical trial data to Posit Connect

Open source is changing how drug development happens. Clinical teams are making better decisions, working through clinical trials more confidently, and bringing life-changing drugs to market faster. One way that teams are doing this is with Shiny.

In a recent Data Science Hangout, the Novartis team shared how they use a Shiny app with a Javascript backend published to Posit Connect to display safety data in a more user-friendly way. This app is used by the Data Monitoring Committee, which includes highly regarded external experts in their field. Moving from their typical 200-page PDFs to a Shiny app has been crucial to making the most effective use of this Data Monitoring Committee members’ time.

This workflow demo with Ryan Johnson at Posit will show you how to publish a Shinyn app in R wiht clincial trial data to Posit Connect. The source code including the Shiny app and publicly available dataset is available below as well.


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1:35 – High-level overview of Posit Team

3:30 – Overview of clinical trial data used

5:31 – Opening up RStudio session on Posit Workbench

7:51 – Creating a new directory in RStudio

9:16 – Upload the ADaM dataset to Posit Workbench

10:17 – Using packages from a validated repository on Posit Package Manager

12:37 – Install packages for your Shiny application

13:49 – Pasting the code for the Shiny application (…)

16:16 – Publishing your Shiny application to Posit Connect

18:36 – Changing access controls to published Shiny application

20:25 – Using renv to record your R environment

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