Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

How to write and deploy a Python web app with Shiny Express and Posit Team

Winston Chang at Posit joined us to share a quicker and simpler way of writing Shiny applications in Python, called Shiny Express.

With Shiny Express you can create interactive data dashboards and data-driven applications faster than ever.

Helpful resources:

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What will you learn?

  • If you’re new to Shiny, you’ll get started writing and deploying your first Shiny Express application in Python.
  • If you already know Shiny, you’ll see how Shiny Express can make your development experience quicker and more efficient.

Happy with the way things are? No need to change what you’re doing! We think of Shiny Express and Shiny Core as complementary and intend to support both syntaxes indefinitely. Last month’s Workflow with Posit Team Demo featured Shiny in R and used bslib for custom theming, which you can check out here in the recording.

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