Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

What You’ll Learn

Anna Skrzydło discusses code maintenance, and the strategies you can employ to create enduring code. Avoid future delays and growing pains for your Shiny app by using better coding practices.

Shiny applications often start as small projects and grow as they get noticed. This is when the problems usually begin, as it quickly turns out that implementing one small change takes two days, and adding a new requirement leads to rebuilding the whole application. Assuming, of course, that further development is done by the same team, any new developer joining the team first needs a one-month onboarding…

If that sounds familiar, join the session, to learn more about:

  • modules (Shiny modules, wahani/modules, R6 classes)
  • tests (unit tests, but also other types of tests)
  • strategies (code structure, automation) to make your code easier to develop and maintain

Each of the three topics will be divided into two parts so that everyone can find something useful:

  • Quick start – dedicated for those for whom the topic is completely new. It aims at giving you the basic concept so that you can begin using it immediately.
  • Further steps – dedicated for those who are already familiar with the concept and use it frequently. It aims at giving you advanced steps to get even more out of your coding practices.
  • About Appsilon

    Appsilon is the global leader for enterprise R Shiny applications and routinely builds ambitious Shiny apps for Fortune 500 companies. Appsilon can build and scale custom Shiny apps, improve the performance of existing apps, and dramatically enhance dashboard UI. Appsilon also maintains several popular open-source R packages. If you are interested in building a commercial Shiny app with Appsilon, please reach out via their website. If you’d like to join the Appsilon team, please view their open roles here.

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