Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

Shiny is an amazing tool when it comes to creating web applications with R. Almost anybody can get a small Shiny App in a matter of minutes, provided they have a basic knowledge of R. As of today, we can safely tell that it has become the de-facto tool for web application in the R world. Building a proof-of-concept application is easy, but things change when the application becomes larger and more complex, and especially when it comes to sending that app to production—until recently there hasn't been any real framework for building and deploying production-grade Shiny Apps. This is where 'golem' comes into play: offering Shiny developers an opinionated framework for creating production-ready Shiny Applications. With 'golem', Shiny developers now have a toolkit for making a stable, easy-to-maintain, and robust for production web application with R. 'golem' has been developed to abstract away the most common engineering tasks (for example, module creation, addition of external CSS or JavaScript file, …), so you can focus on what matters: building the application. And once your application is ready to be deployed, 'golem' guides you through testing, and brings you tools for deploying to common platforms. In this talk, Colin and Vincent will present the 'golem' package, first talking about the "why 'golem'?", then presenting the general philosophy behind this framework, and help you get started building your first Shiny App with 'golem'.


Materials: slides, github repo – golem: A Framework for Buildilng Robust Sniny Apps

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