Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

What You’ll Learn

Kamil Żyła will demonstrate how to use shiny.fluent to build beautiful Shiny apps with Microsoft’s Fluent UI, and explain how to integrate React and Shiny.

UI plays a huge role in the success of Shiny projects. shiny.fluent enables you to build Shiny apps in a novel way using Microsoft’s Fluent UI as the UI foundation. It gives your app a beautiful, professional look and a rich set of components while retaining the speed of development that Shiny is famous for.

Fluent UI is based on the Javascript library React, so it’s a challenging task to make it work with Shiny. We have put the parts responsible for making this possible in a separate package called shiny.react, which enables you to port other React-based components and UI libraries so that they work in Shiny.

During the talk, we will demonstrate how to use shiny.fluent to build your own Shiny apps, and explain how we solved the main challenges in integrating React and Shiny.

About Appsilon

Appsilon is the global leader for enterprise R Shiny applications and routinely builds ambitious Shiny apps for Fortune 500 companies. Appsilon can build and scale custom Shiny apps, improve the performance of existing apps, and dramatically enhance dashboard UI. Appsilon also maintains several popular open-source R packages. If you are interested in building a commercial Shiny app with Appsilon, please reach out via their website. If you’d like to join the Appsilon team, please view their open roles here.

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