Grow your data science skills at posit::conf(2024)

August 12th-14th in Seattle

As business and organizational needs expand, a centralized ecosystem such as the cloud is needed to securely store and access data, conduct analyses, and share results.

We’ll share some examples of what it means to do data science in the cloud and discuss some problems that users may face along the way, and the solutions that RStudio products can provide. We’ll also discuss best practices for migrating to a cloud environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • What are the benefits of working in a cloud environment?
  • What are the different cloud environments available?
  • How do I learn which is the best fit for my organization?
  • What should I consider when migrating my data science infrastructure to the cloud?

Data Science in the Cloud Webinar Series

  1. Why Data Science in the Cloud? with RStudio’s Lou Bajuk and ProCagia’s Kevin Bolger
  2. Architecting RStudio Products in the Cloud with ProCagia’s Kevin Bolger & Oisin Bates

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