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Business Intelligence

Align BI and data science teams with Posit

Greater collaboration leads to deeper insights.

Different Perspectives

We understand your data challenges

Analytics Executives

Focus on guiding and supporting their teams to solve meaningful analytic problems for the business. When their analytics teams fail to collaborate and share work efficiently, that means missed insights, lost opportunities and unnecessary expense.

Data Scientists

Are frustrated when their work competes with the BI teams, or they are forced to awkwardly use unfamiliar BI tools to get their insights out to a wider audience.

BI Analysts

Enjoy the power and ease of use of self-service BI tools but struggle with the limitations of their tools, including inadequate data science and machine learning capabilities, depriving them of deeper insights into their data.

Our Products

Built for collaboration to drive R&D

Complement and augment your BI tools.
Posit Team

Posit Team

All we know about enterprise data science. All in one place. Posit Team is a collection of tools designed to help your organization make the most of your investments in R and Python.

Posit Workbench

Posit Workbench

Enable collaboration and enhance productivity across your multilingual data science team with a centralized infrastructure while allowing your team members to use their development environment of choice.

Posit Connect

Posit Connect

Share data science content across your organization. One button deployment of Shiny applications, R & Python APIs, Quarto and R Markdown reports, Jupyter Notebooks, and more.

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Brown-Forman uses Posit to harness the full capabilities of their data scientists.
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