Upskill to R Programming with Posit and Atorus Research

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As the pharmaceutical industry strives to accelerate drug discovery, optimize clinical trials, and improve patient outcomes, there has been a notable shift toward open-source technologies, particularly the transition from SAS® to R for clinical programming.


Why Open Source?


The SAS® to R movement in the pharmaceutical industry reflects a broader trend toward open-source languages that offer greater flexibility, transparency, and more cost-effective solutions. Reproducibility and transparency are fundamental principles in scientific research, especially in the pharmaceutical industry where the stakes are high. By adopting open-source tools like R, researchers can document their analyses in a transparent and reproducible manner, enhancing the credibility of their findings and facilitating collaboration within the scientific community. Efforts to transition from industry leaders like Roche and Novo Nordisk underscore the growing momentum behind the SAS® to R movement in pharma.


Posit Academy + Atorus Academy


To further support the pharmaceutical community as it embraces open source for clinical programming, we are excited to announce an expanded partnership between Posit and Atorus Research. Posit and Atorus Research have partnered since 2020 to deliver comprehensive tooling and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Now, Posit and Atorus Research are partnering to create an unparalleled SAS® to R training program. Together, we provide the best of both worlds:

  • Develop core R programming skills from the creators of the tidyverse and Shiny
  • Gain practical experience using R for clinical trials from industry experts who have hands-on programming experience in both SAS® and R.


An Apprenticeship Model


Posit Academy and Atorus Academy take a hands-on approach to learning, ensuring that participants walk away with the skills they need to effectively transition from SAS® to R. Like riding the bike or playing the piano, participants of this joint program learn by doing. Our curriculum focuses on real-world applications; learners apply their knowledge in meaningful ways as they learn. Participants are placed in small groups, under the guidance of a mentor, to motivate and support one another throughout their learning journey.


What You’ll Learn


Choose from a curriculum crafted specifically for clinical programmers.

Core R Skills



Data manipulation with dplyr & tidyr

Figures with ggplot2

SDTMs and ADaMs with the tidyverse and pharmaverse

Creating, styling, and outputting tables with the tidyverse


How to Get Started


Ready to unlock the full potential of open source for your pharmaceutical research? Book a meeting to discuss how your team can partner with Posit and Atorus Research to join the community of programmers choosing open source.