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August 12th-14th in Seattle

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Academics & Individuals

Doing data science on your own and in the classroom is fun and easy with Posit. Our popular, open-source RStudio IDE is used by millions of people around the world, including students, and professionals. We also build, maintain, and support a network of packages to make your time with source data science easier and more productive. And, if you're adopting Posit for data science education in the classroom, we have cloud solutions (and free or discounted on prem solutions) for you to use.

Small & Medium Businesses

Yes, you can use all of our open-source tools in professional environments at no cost. This includes the RStudio IDE and Shiny. That said, we also offer affordable commercial options that help small and medium sized businesses reach new heights. Do valuable things like deploy applications securely, collaborate on data products, and share content with your stakeholders without breaking the bank.


We build world-class tools for large organizations that want to change the world with data. With our enterprise solutions, all of your data scientists can adopt the open-source tools that they know and love at scale. There's no project that's too complex or aspiration that's too large for our professional toolchain to handle.

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We believe open-source data science tools should actually be open to everyone. And that includes you.

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