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How to schedule a Quarto document with custom branding on Posit Connect

To deliver valuable insights, you need a seamless way to get work off of your laptop and into the hands of business stakeholders. For some teams, these insights are delivered through redundant, manual reports. There’s a more efficient way to do this. We’ll show you how to deploy company branded reports and schedule updates to be emailed out to your business stakeholders every day so you can get time back in your day.

With Posit Connect, it’s easy to share reports with Quarto, R Markdown, Jupyter Notebooks, and more. You can also use Connect to deploy Shiny, Dash, Bokeh, Voilà, Streamlit applications, Quarto projects, dashboards, plots, Plumber and Flask APIs, and more in one convenient place to bring the power of data science to your entire organization.

In this example, Ryan Johnson at Posit walks through publishing a Quarto doc with custom branding written on Posit Workbench to Posit Connect.

Quarto is an open-source tool for technical publishing designed to help data scientists (using Python, R, Observable, Julia, etc.) share their analytic insights. It speeds up and simplifies the process of creating professional-quality presentations, reports, websites, and blogs in a variety of formats such as PDF, MS Word, HTML, and much more, all within the same environment used to create one’s analysis.


Follow-up links:

1:45 – What is Posit Team?
3:31 – The data we are analyzing: R package download data from within Posit Package Manager (via experimental API)

4:44 – What is Quarto? (we are creating two Quarto docs today)

8:06 – Create a new session in Posit Workbench

8:56 – Create a new project within the RStudio IDE

10:13 – Create the first Quarto document (ETL: extra, transform, load workflow)

13:55 – Publish the first Quarto doc to Posit Connect

16:50 – Take the package download results and pin it to Posit Connect (overview of pins)

18:30 – Schedule the first Quarto doc to run every day at 7am on Posit Connect

20:49 – Create the second Quarto document (report for stakeholders)

23:41 – View the first “boring report”

24:54 – Using a custom Posit format for the report

27:39 – First look of the themed report without modifications

29:00 – Adding Posit themed colors to the gt table

31:35 – Apply code chunk options to hide code from output

32:44 – Publish the second Quarto document to Posit Connect

34:28 – View finished custom branded Quarto document

34:44 – Define specific users who have access to the Quarto doc on Posit Connect

35:10 – Schedule the second Quarto doc to read in the pinned data from the first Quarto doc

36:30 – Example emailed report from the scheduled Quarto report

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