2022 Posit Year in Review

We round up some of the many announcements and product releases from Posit, formerly RStudio, in 2022.
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Can you believe it’s almost February? Though time has flown since the New Year, we’d like to reflect on everything our teams accomplished in 2022. There is much to celebrate across Posit, from a rebrand to increased Python support to exciting new product features. Below is a small selection of announcements and updates, and we encourage you to go through the links to learn more.


RStudio is now Posit


RStudio has a new name, Posit. Our name change reflects our desire to make scientific communication better for everyone, and we look forward to broadening and embracing the Python community and the R community. While our name has changed, our commitment to helping data scientists use open-source software remains the same. 

Read J.J. Allaire and Hadley Wickham’s announcement and review the FAQs


Posit and the community


In July, we wrapped up rstudio::conf(2022). Whether you joined online or in-person in D.C., we were thrilled to see so many of you at our first hybrid conference. 

We continued the Enterprise Community Meetups and Data Science Hangouts series, learning so much from others in the community.


Open source


The open-source teams released an array of exciting updates and features throughout the year. During rstudio::conf(2022), we announced:

And these are just a few examples of the teams’ work. With so much to share, we started a newsletter: posit::glimpse(). There’s also an associated Twitter and Mastodon account!

Below, we share more high-level updates and related links. 




gt had quite a year! Check out detailed walkthroughs of the upgrades and features in v0.6.0, v0.7.0, and v0.8.0.




During rstudio::conf(2022), Joe Cheng shared his thoughts on the past and future of Shiny.



Check out the tidyverse team’s announcements of package releases and updates on the tidyverse blog.

  • The tidymodels team shares quarterly roundups: Q1 2022, Q2 2022, Q3 2022, and Q4 2022.
  • Read about the publication of several packages and their updates on CRAN, which include functions for:




    See updates from the mlverse on the AI blog and check out the release of a new edition of Deep Learning with R.


    RStudio Desktop


    This year, RStudio saw several updates, including:

    • Quarto bundled with v2022.07
    • Support for R >=4.2.0
    • Collapsible code chunks, code diagnostics in the Visual Editor
    • Support for hyperlinks added to the console output, build pane, and various other places
    • Improvements to the Find in Files pane across all platforms but with particularly significant improvements in Windows

    Check out the blog posts highlighting what’s new for v2022.02.0 and v2022.07. To read about all of the new features and updates for RStudio, check out the latest Release Notes.


    Enterprise and cloud


    We significantly enhanced the capabilities of our enterprise and cloud products. Our new and improved Solutions website can help you build production-grade data science products.


    Posit Academy


    In March, we announced Posit Academy, a mentor-led data science apprenticeship for professional teams. We posit this is the best way for your organization to learn R and Python. Learn more on the Academy website.


    Posit Cloud


    Posit Cloud has made it easier to share, do, teach, and learn data science. See the What’s New with Posit Cloud page for all news, or check out the blog posts on:

    We recently released a publishing feature for Shiny, R Markdown, Dash, and Flask. If you are a Premium, Instructor, or Organization account holder, you can request access to the publishing beta.


    Posit Connect


    Posit Connect gives data science teams the power to deploy, manage, monitor, and control access to their applications, dashboards, scheduled reports, and web APIs. Users of Connect have more tools to create great experiences for their stakeholders, including:

    • Use Connect without R (Python-only)
    • Support for Quarto and Shiny for Python
    • Improvements to logging
    • Off-host content execution with Kubernetes (beta)
    • Added support for restoring R packages installed from private Git repositories

    See the release notes to learn more.


    Posit Package Manager


    Posit Package Manager has also seen a variety of upgrades for addressing challenges with package management, with:

    The release notes have more details on these features.


    Posit Workbench


    This year, Posit Workbench has made it easier to develop in R and Python, with:

    • An expanded partnership with the AWS and Amazon SageMaker teams following the release of Workbench on SageMaker late last year, including the ability to purchase licenses through the AWS Marketplace
    • A new partnership with Azure ML to deliver Workbench on the Azure platform
    • Improvements to session tabs, indicators, and UI
    • Specification of R versions in the ad hoc job launcher
    • New job launcher release, including Kubernetes templating

    Read the blog posts on the v2022.02.0 release and on Workbench Session Information Improvements. The release notes share all of the news and updates from the Workbench team.


    Stay informed in 2023


    Thank you for taking a look at all the exciting work from 2022! We look forward to what the future holds.

    If you’d like to learn more about our professional products, please drop a line to sales@posit.co or schedule a time to chat with us using our booking system.