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Sharing is caring in data science, and this month there are even more ways to share the results of your data science analysis. Quarto 1.3 has multi-format publishing and Confluence publishing, Shiny is on Hugging Face, {pins} offers enhanced functionality with Connect, and tables with {gt} can make your tables look even better. Plus, if you’ve been wanting to try out LLMs for yourself, and share some chat applications with friends, we have a how-to with Shiny for Python. We’re excited to see what and how you share!




Learn. Teach. Share.


Selected Releases

  • {pins} 1.2.0 – The updated pins version offers enhanced functionality, including reading and writing pins using Parquet, reading from Connect vanity URLs, and preventing duplicate pins.
  • {desirability2} – A new tidymodels R package for desirability functions with an interface conducive to being used in-line via dplyr pipelines. 
  • Posit Package Manager now allows you to block packages by open-source license and create curated repositories of Python packages from PyPI.
  • Integrate Posit Workbench with your Altair Grid Engine. Altair has partnered with Posit PBC to integrate Workbench with Altair Grid Engine (AGE), enabling the execution of Workbench sessions on AGE-based HPC clusters.
  • Posit Workbench on Google Cloud Workstations: You can now easily and securely access your favorite editors with Posit Workbench on Google Cloud Workstations.


Wrapping Up

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And finally:

What do you get when you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber? 

Nothing. You can’t cross a vector and a scalar.